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Impact report

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2019 donor newsletter

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family newsletter

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annual report

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2017 donor newsletter

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2016 Summer

donor newsletter

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2016 Winter

Donor newsletter

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impact report

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Annual Report

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2018 Donor 


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2017 family newsletter

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Annual Report

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family newsletter

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Annual Report

Newsletters & Publications
Media Inquiries

media inquiries

Camp Sunshine’s Development Team is able to assist with questions regarding Camp programs and initiatives, identifying Camp spokespersons for interviews and quotes, assisting with photo permissions, or obtaining more information about news releases. Camp can assist with journalists’ photography and video needs by providing vetted images and video footage of our year-round programs. We can also assist with arranging interviews with board members, staff, volunteers, camper families, and former and current camper families.

Visiting Camp Sunshine

Representatives from the media are welcome at Camp Sunshine, and can help share our story to a broad audience in a very positive way. However, our first priority is always to the children and families we serve. The primary purpose of Camp Sunshine is to provide a safe environment in which families of children with life-threatening illnesses can feel understood and supported. To ensure the privacy, comfort, and safety of our campers and their families, we require advance notice from media representatives to coordinate their visit and make arrangements for the participation of interview subjects. A communications staff person is required to accompany reporters and photographers at all times while on the campus. Media representatives visiting Camp will be asked to sign an agreement indicating compliance with the above Camp policies.

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