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in the words of families

Families frequently write us poignant letters expressing their gratitude for the Camp Sunshine experience. For many of them, we provide a ray of light during a dark and difficult time. The following testimonials are examples of how Camp Sunshine has profoundly impacted their lives:

“As we face an uncertain future, we know that Camp Sunshine has made a huge difference in our lives, and we can only hope that it will always be here.”


"The physical and emotional challenges that our son and our entire family face everyday, can at times be overwhelming. There are no vacations from cancer, but despite these never- ending struggles, we have experienced human kindness and generosity at Camp Sunshine”

“I came away from camp renewed and ready to face the challenges that await me with a child in chronic renal failure... thanks to our time at camp I have an appreciation for life again and am ready to face these challenges. This generous gift (week at Camp Sunshine) has lifted the spirit of an entire family.”

“Our family desperately needed this time together. The smiles and laughter from my daughters’ faces will forever stay in my heart. Thank you for giving my children the happiness they wouldn’t have received anywhere else but here, and thank you for giving us a sense of peace, warmth and love here on earth.”

"Camp Sunshine is truly special because it focuses on taking care of the whole family. After all, not a lot of people realize it, but when a child is critically ill, so is the whole family, figuratively speaking”

“My five-year old son was diagnosed with a rare and sometimes fatal blood disease when he was two years old. After four years of chemotherapy, surgeries, infections, and everything else that goes along with this nightmare, we are no closer to a cure than day one. However, you have given us a week to heal. Greg met great friends, fished, went boating, and forgot about clinic for a while. My three year old daughter had a chance to be number one, and my husband and I laughed and cried with other parents in similar situations…”


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