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tributes & memorials

A tribute gift provides the opportunity to make a donation to celebrate a loved one, a special occasion—a birthday, anniversary, or a wedding, or to honor the spirit and courage of a child and family battling one of the numerous disease groups Camp Sunshine serves.

A memorial gift provides the opportunity to make a donation in memory of a loved one or friend.

When a tribute or memorial gift is received, Camp Sunshine will promptly send a personalized tribute or memorial card to the person or family indicated notifying them of your thoughtful donation, but not revealing the amount of the donation.

Follow the link below to the donation page and scroll down to find the tribute and memorial gift section. Spaces will be provided where you can enter the name/s of the person/s being honored or remembered, and where you can also enter the name/s and address/es of the recipient/s of a card if you wish for one to be sent.

If you do not wish to donate online, simply print out the page with the donation type you wish to make and send a check or credit card info to:

Camp Sunshine,
35 Acadia Rd.
Casco, ME 04015

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