Program Schedule

We are excited to present the following programs for 2020. In addition to the dates below, we have included links to applications for families and volunteers. With over three decades of experience serving thousands of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, we welcome the opportunity to share the magic of Camp Sunshine with you.

Please Note: Session dates may be subject to change at Camp Sunshine’s discretion. We encourage you to visit this site periodically or contact us directly, as there may updates or additions to the schedule over the course of the year.

Title Dates
February 14 to February 18
February 19 to February 23
Boston Children's Hospital - Solid Organ Transplant
April 21 to April 25
May 21 to May 26
Telomere Biology Disorders (Dyskeratosis Congenita)
May 28 to June 2
June 4 to June 9
Retinoblastoma & Other Eye Cancers
June 11 to June 16
June 18 to June 23
Fanconi Anemia
June 26 to July 1
July 5 to July 10
Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome
July 12 to July 17
Brain Tumor - Low Grade
July 19 to July 24
July 26 to July 31
August 2 to August 7
Hematology / Oncology
August 9 to August 14
Renal / Solid Organ Transplant
August 16 to August 21
Oncology - Off Treatment
August 23 to August 27
Mixed Diagnosis*
August 29 to September 2
Oncology - Spanish Speaking
September 3 to September 7
Sickle Cell
September 25 to September 28
Brain Tumor
October 9 to October 13
Mixed Diagnosis*
October 29 to November 1

* Families of children with any diagnosis served by Camp Sunshine are encouraged to apply