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A Message from Camp Sunshine’s Co-Founder

Camp Sunshine Families, Volunteers, Staff and Board Members,

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I must tell you that Larry Gould, one of Camp Sunshine's founders, has passed away. Larry achieved many successes in his life: completing his PhD from MIT by the age of 21, becoming Chairman/CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and owning/operating a resort. But his real achievement was in staying steadfast to the mission of Camp Sunshine from its infancy to its home on the present campus.

Larry and I started this path in 1983 and Larry remained committed to the success and growth of Camp Sunshine for the remainder of his life. He worked diligently to raise funds and awareness for Camp Sunshine. He was always a hands-on person, making sure that construction of the campus was on track, and interacting with everyone on the site. Completion of the campus exemplified that steadfast commitment. 

It is only in the last few years that Larry had not been able to be physically active with Camp Sunshine, though Camp always remained in his heart. His vision and guidance will continue at Camp forever, as he will always be remembered for his perseverance in creating the enduring magic of Camp Sunshine. 

Camp Sunshine will always be a beacon to his memory. 

Anyone wishing to send condolences can do so, in honor of Larry Gould at Camp Sunshine.

With sorrow,
Anna Gould
Co-Founder/Camp Sunshine

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