In 2018, Camp Sunshine introduced two new challenges for our SEAL team members. For the first time, events took place on both the East and West Coast. Each required endurance, perseverance, strength and followed one simple mantra ... failure is not an option!  Join us in supporting these amazing individuals and their efforts to come together, as a team, in support of military families with children who have life-threatening illnesses.


The first event took place in Southern California on May 19th, National Armed Forces Day, when as many as 25 former and retired SEAL team members set out to complete an on the water marathon!  That’s right, paddling 26.2 miles along the Pacific Coast in kayaks and on paddleboards concluding at the San Diego Yacht Club.  Many of this year’s participants completed the Around the World Swim last year around Coronado Island, and we are humbled and honored by their continued commitment.


Back on the East Coast, on August 23rd team members took part in their toughest triathlon challenge yet, an unprecedented attempt to complete a nearly three mile open ocean swim, 60 mile bike ride, and 10K run.  Each event  paid homage to one of Maine's toughest and most iconic endurance races.


The events raised a combined $80,000 to support sending military families with children with life-threatening illnesses to Camp Sunshine – a year-round, one-of-a-kind retreat in Casco, Maine.


Please join us in supporting the team on their courageous journey and pledge your support today.