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2017 Around the World Swim

On Thursday, July 25, 2019 the evolution of the SEALs for Sunshine events will reach another pinnacle as swimmers embark on their next mission for Camp Sunshine - The Swim for Sunshine Challenge. The event begins in Bridgton, Maine and concludes 16-miles later at Camp Sunshine in Casco. This will be the longest swim challenge in SEALs for Sunshine history!

The swimmers will start their day on Long Lake in Bridgton, they will then begin an epic 8-mile journey to the causeway in Naples (stopping at Camp Takajo along the way). The team will then swim the 2.5 mile length of Brandy Pond before entering the headwaters of the Songo River. For nearly 3 miles the brave men and women participating will navigate the meandering waterway which opens up into Sebago Lake. The final leg to Camp Sunshine will conclude with a typically windswept 2.5 miles.

Team members will need to be in the best shape of their lives to take on this challenge through 3 towns, 2 lakes, 1 pond, and a river.

The following evening Camp Sunshine will host the 2019 Swim for Sunshine reception providing guests with the opportunity to meet and thank the SEALs and other team members.