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Each year, Camp Sunshine organizes and hosts several of its own events including Polar Plunges, Pumpkin Festivals, Golf Tournaments, and Auctions. At the same time, many volunteers, families, businesses, and friends host fundraising events in their communities on Camp Sunshine’s behalf. Besides serving as great fundraisers and awareness builders, these events are wonderful venues for Camp families, volunteers, and friends to rally together, while experiencing and adding to the magic of Camp Sunshine.

Whether you would like to participate in an existing event or create a fundraising event of your own, the opportunities are endless. Camp Sunshine is here to support your efforts, and our experienced team can provide you with fundraiser ideas, tips, and the collateral you may need to get your event off the ground and running.

If you’d like to organize a benefit event for Camp Sunshine, use our logos or photos, and/or would like more information, please contact:

Kayley Walker
(207) 655-3800

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