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March 2014

NAPA Auto Parts

This month we are proud to highlight NAPA Auto Parts (Maine), its management team, store owners, employees, and customers for raising more than $100,000 for Camp Sunshine over the past seven years.

More than 85 years ago, the National Automotive Parts Association ("NAPA") was created to meet America's growing need for an effective auto parts distribution system. Today, there are more than 6,100 stores nationwide and 91% of do-it-yourself customers recognize the NAPA brand name.

NAPA Maine's relationship with Camp Sunshine began in 2007, when longtime Camp Sunshine supporter Ron Eby (owner of Windham Automotive, a NAPA AutoCare Center in Windham, ME) approached NAPA sales representative and friend Barry Ross with the idea of supporting the Camp. With Barry's support, and under the leadership of Ken Welch, General Manager NAPA Maine, the relationship has flourished over the years. Indeed, Ron and Ken quickly realized they shared similar stories of family health issues, and that there was a commonality in supporting Camp Sunshine's family focused programming.

Since then, NAPA Maine stores have sold paper sunnies and paper pumpkins, sponsored and competed in the carving challenge at our annual Pumpkin Festival at L.L. Bean, and created their very own event called the Egg Ride.

The Egg Ride works like this. Snowmobile riders get supporters to purchase eggs that are then placed into their suits as they zip along a bumpy trail ... Scrambled eggs anyone? This year's Egg Ride raised more than $35,000, putting NAPA over $100,000 in total funds raised for Camp Sunshine!

Congratulations and thanks to our great friends at NAPA for their many years of unyielding support!

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NAPA Auto Parts

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