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Map Key for the Anna and Larry Gould Campus:

1: The Viterbi Family Activity Center
   -The TD Banknorth Entrance
   -The Carol & David Hancock Reception Area
   -The Betsy Moyer Indoor Pool - Inside View
   -The Betsy Moyer Indoor Pool - Outside View
   -The Scott-Pottruck Foundation Conference Center
   -The Jennifer Harrison Computer Center
   -The Dining Hall
   -The Beck Family Pavilion
   -The Karlee Stewart Stage
   -The Viner Family Fireplace
   -The Howard & Minerva Munch Teen Center
   -The Somers Arts & Crafts Center
   -The Tot Lot
   -The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Indoor Playhouse
   -The True Fans for Elvis "Teddy Bear" Nursery
   -The Laurie & David Sukoff Medical Clinic
   -The Saldanha Family Exam Room
2: The Rubenstein & Silvers Family Living Center
   -The Shawnee Peak Family Suite - Outside
   -The Shawnee Peak Family Suite - Bedroom
   -The Shawnee Peak Family Suite - Bathroom
   -The Shawnee Peak Family Suite - Living Room
2a: The Phillips Consumer Electronics Elevator Building
3: The Joan & Irwin Jacobs Family Living Center
   -The Libra Foundation Family Suite - Outside
4: The Joan & Joe Pappalardo Volunteer Living Center
   -The Bronx Lions Club Volunteer Suite - Outside
   -The Bronx Lions Club Volunteer Suite - Living Room
   -The Bronx Lions Club Volunteer Suite - Bedroom
   -The Bronx Lions Club Volunteer Suite - Bathroom
5: Professional Residences
6: The Joan & Bill Drapeau Outdoor Challenge Area
   -The Joan & Bill Drapeau Outdoor High Rope Challenge
   -The Joan & Bill Drapeau Outdoor Workout Stations
   -The Joan & Bill Drapeau Outdoor Workout Stations
6a: X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Trails
7: The Utah Jazz Basketball Court
8: The Paul K. Heckert Serenity Garden
9: The Garden of Hope
10: The Fleet Bank Tot Playground
11: The Tetherball Court
12: The Paul Tobey Volleyball Court
12a: The Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
13: The Stephanie Rothweiler Amphitheater
14: The Tzell Travel Group Playground
15: The Wadsworth Golf Charities Mini Golf Course
16: The Key Bank Outdoor Teen Patio
17: The Gen Rad Shuffleboard Court
18: The Beth & Jim Quinty Activities Window
19: The Griffin Gould Climbing Wall
20: The Camp Mataponi Soccer Field
21: The Joan & Keith Olson Archery Range
22: The Brick Walkway
22a: The Sledding/Luge Run
23: The Maine National Guard Bridge
24: The Wishboat Pond
25: Pop's Yurt Village
26: The Charette Gazebo
27: The Snowden Family Family Bath House
28: The C.R. Bard Foundation Family Clubhouse & Chapel
   - Inside View of Chapel
   - Inside View of Clubhouse
29: The Warta Family Waterfront
30: The Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation Marina
31: Skiing and Snowboarding at Shawnee Peak
   -View from Top at Shawnee Peak